A Mental Coffee Break in Hannibal

Mmmmm… the wonderful smell that wakes you up in the morning.  That pick-me up when the-mid afternoon slump hits.  What would we do without coffee?

Hannibal is very lucky to have Java Jive – the First Coffee Shop West of the Mississippi. (No, really – it’s one block from the Mississippi.  They dare you to find a coffee shop closer.) This shop along Historic Main Street is a stone’s throw away from the Mark Twain Boyhood Home and is a local favorite for a caffeine fix.

Not only does Java Jive use finely roasted Chauvin coffee from St. Louis, right down the river, they also cook up unbelievable desserts and breakfast goodies.  So we offer you, fine readers, a mental coffee break in the form of some mouth-watering pictures.  You’re welcome.

First, you need a welcoming atmosphere – Java Jive provides in spades.

javajive outside

Then, something to get you going for that late afternoon deadline:

Just in case the sugar from the chocolate covered cherry cheesecake isn’t enough, the caffeine in the chocolate cherry mocha should set you up nicely.

Or perhaps you are looking for a sweet way to start your day…

cinnamon rolls
Java Jive prides itself on freshly baked treats – Friday’s cinnamon rolls are no exception.

…and a good ol’ hot cuppa joe – in a hand-made Ayers Pottery mug, of course.


Finally, let’s end with some wild ones, shall we?  How about a Guinness cupcake.

guiness cupcake goodness
My goodness! My Guiness!

Or a coffee concoction made with Lavender syrup?

lavendar syrup

You never know what kind of fun treats await you at Java Jive.

javajive desserts
Would you be able to choose just one?

You may even get asked THE question:

marry me
She said yes.

So come on over to Hannibal.  We have a cup with your name on it.

Written by Megan Rapp from the Hannibal Convention and Visitors Bureau. 

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