15 in ’15: Missouri State Parks

This post is one in a series of 15 posts of 15 things to do in Missouri in 2015. Don’t miss these other “15 in ’15”  posts. Happy exploring in 2015 and enjoy the show! 

2015 is here, so we’ve come up with 15 things in Missouri you won’t want to miss in the new year. These fabulous 15 have been split up into categories, with five destinations, five events and five activities that we think will help you have the best experience during your Missouri road trip in 2015.

To start off the 15 in ’15 party is one of our most beloved Missouri activities: visiting a Missouri State Park. Hiking, biking, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, camping—seriously you can do it all at Missouri State Parks. The Division of State Parks does a great job maintaining these wonderful outdoor resources, so they’re super clean.

Elephant Rocks State Park (left) and Taum Sauk State Park (right).

There is a state park for everyone, from the Katy Trail that stretches across the state through beautiful river bluffs and wine country; to Taum Sauk Mountain and Elephant Rocks where you can truly have a unique hiking experience (see photos above!).

Bennett Spring offers some of the best trout fishing in the state with easy access to the Niangua River, while Weston Bend may have the most picturesque fall foliage you’ve ever seen in your life.

Bennett Spring State Park
Bennett Spring State Park

I’ve only named a few and I’m already dreaming of strapping on my hiking boots! Missouri State Parks truly are magical, and once you’ve been out to explore Missouri’s wilderness you’ll want to return time and time again.

We will make it easy for you: along with the Missouri 15 in ’15, the Spotlight Blog will feature a State Park of the Week every Monday (we’ll share the links on Facebook). Yeah, that’s 52 state parks to go out and explore. Sounds like a new year’s resolution to me! So keep tuning in, we will have some spectacular views to show you throughout the year.

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