8 Tips for Being the Best Guest

The most social season of the year has begun, and we want to help you be the best guest possible. Accepting an invitation isn’t just about showing up. Follow these tips to ensure everyone has a good time and you’re invited to the next fun gathering.


RSVP – Obviously the host wants you at their event or you wouldn’t have been invited, but you should still let them know you’re coming. This helps them tremendously with planning.

Communicate special requests – When you RSVP, let the host know if you have any food allergies or dietary needs. If this feels presumptuous, offer to bring something to share that fits your needs, letting the host know it doesn’t have to be their sole responsibility.


Offer to bring something – Whether you have special dietary needs or not, offering to bring something is polite and can be very helpful to the host.

* If you do bring something, be sure it’s self contained. There’s no guarantee there will be space in the kitchen for you to prepare or construct a dish.

Be punctual, not early – Unless you’ve arranged with the host in advance to show up early and help, avoid being ahead of schedule. In the same regard, don’t show up excessively late without notice either.

Show your appreciation – Bringing a host/hostess gift is a great way to show you appreciate the invitation and all the work the hosts put into the event. A bottle of Missouri wine makes a great gift!


Mingle – A good guest mixes and mingles. Avoid staying in your comfort zone of familiar faces throughout the whole event. Branch out and talk to new people.

Keep it light – It’s a good idea to keep conversations fun and festive. Avoid heavy or inappropriate topics and controversial issues.

Say thank you – When the event has come to an end, be sure to say goodbye to your host and thank them for including you in their festivities. Get togethers are a lot of fun, but they can also be a log of work. It’s a great touch to the host a thank you note after the event.

Remember these tips this holiday season and you will be the best guest. Cheers!

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