A Day at Kauffman Stadium

Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City is a great place to catch a baseball game. And if you happen to be in town for the home opener, count yourself lucky.

Royals vs Mariners
Kauffman Stadium, home of the Kansas City Royals (photo courtesy Kansas City Royals)

When you pull into the parking lot of “The K” for the Kansas City Royals opener, you’re struck by the overwhelming and inviting smell of food cooking on the grill. Or, more accurately, grills.

The parking lot resembles a scaled down version of Kansas City’s famous American Royal barbecue competition. People – lots of people – are cooking on devices of all shapes and sizes, even if the weather doesn’t seem very conducive to baseball.

Honestly, the cold weather, combined with all tailgating fun (food, music, people having a great time) really made this year’s home opener feel like a football Sunday.

Once inside the stadium, you’re treated to one of the best stadiums in baseball.

Kauffman Stadium has been around for more than 40 years and seemingly gets better with time. It’s a cozy venue with fewer than 38,000 seats, and the in-stadium features make it one of the prettiest parks in the majors.

Royals vs. White Sox night game
Kauffman Stadium at night (photo courtesy Kansas City Royals)

Since you likely don’t want to wait until Opening Day 2015 to visit, stop by on May 20, which is Tourism Night at the K, when the Royals take on the Chicago White Sox. Great seats are available, starting at $15!

Among those features are the outfield fountains, capable of providing a refreshing mist on warm days, not to mention a soft landing for baseballs that find their way over the outfield fence. If you need to determine who buys the next round while you’re at The K, propose a round of trivia and keep these notes close: the water feature is 322 feet wide and apparently makes up the largest privately funded fountain in the world (source: KC Royals website).

Of course, when you step inside the stadium and see the field of play, your attention is drawn to the massive Crown Vision scoreboard. It’s more than 100 feet tall and 80+ feet wide. If umpires could consult Crown Vision instead of replay officials in the booth, they’d never miss a call.

Kauffman Stadium, Kansas City; Photo courtesy Kansas City Convention & Visitors Association
Kauffman Stadium, Kansas City (photo courtesy Kansas City Convention & Visitors Association)

Kauffman Stadium offers all the amenities you need in a ballpark (think great food, drinks and, of course, barbecue). Lots of extras – such as a batting cage, mini golf and a carousel – come in handy if you’re traveling with the family and the kiddos need to burn off cotton-candy energy.

Put Kauffman Stadium on your sports bucket list soon; the Royals play 70 home games from May-September, so there are plenty of chances to see them in person. While you’re in Kansas City and in the mood for baseball, be sure to visit the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in the Historic 18th and Vine District; it’s a must-see destination for baseball fans and history buffs alike.

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