A New Look for MoStateParks.com

The Missouri Division of Start Parks and Historic Sites has launched a new website . I might be biased, but we believe the new MoStateParks.com is awesome.

Set aside that it’s a lot more visually pleasing than our old website. It’s just a whole lot more useful. For the first time, you can really get a sense of what our parks are like without being there. We’ve added slide shows for each park, and nearly every park has its own video. If you’re a camper, every campground in our system has a picture so you can choose your campsite in advance.

We’ve made it easy to find what activities are available for you to enjoy in each park. We’ve put an interactive map on the homepage so Web users can find, with a single click, which parks have our most popular activities, with links directly to that park’s page.

We’ve built a “find-a-park” feature to help you find a state park based on the features you want. Also, we listened to our customers when they said they wanted better directions to state parks and historic sites, so we created more than 2,000 data points in our parks so you can quickly find directions to where you want to go, whether you are at home or away using a Google mapping feature.

The website’s design gives us more flexibility to serves you better. Each park and historic site has its own calendar of events. Thinking of going to Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park and want to know what will be going on? It is right on the main page of that park. No more digging through multipale Web links. And, we’ve built the site so any advisories, such as trail closings, are posted right on that park’s page.

I hope you find this new website useful. Surf on over to MoStateParks.com and look around; you’re going to love it. Plan a trip to one or more of our unique and interesting state parks and historic sites. You are always welcome in Missouri State Parks.

Written for the VisitMOBistro by Bill Bryan, director of Missouri State Parks.

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