Adrenaline Meets Demolition

It’s like basketball with lacrosse sticks.  But, oh yeah, there’s no hoop.  Also, you only use the end of the lacrosse stick.  And a Wiffle ball.  Get it?  No?  That’s OK, there are bumper cars.

If you’re as confused as I was upon hearing that description of how to play Demolition Ball — a game at the Demolition Ball-Adrenaline Zone facility in St. Charles — I can assure you, it’s perfectly normal.  This multi-sport hybrid combines the hand-eye coordination of lacrosse with the shooting touch of basketball, while also demanding adequate bumper-car driving skills. Think you can manage?

For starters, teams of three to five players pilot either a red or yellow fleet of bumper cars. Once everyone is strapped in, the referee/commentator (who happens to sit in a deck above the action) tosses the ball into play and the game begins.

As the bumper cars hum to life, the scramble to score heats up. Once a team gets possession of the ball, they must either pass it off to their teammates with their lacrosse stick or attempt to maneuver their way toward the goal of their corresponding color.

The goal closely resembles a basketball backboard that happens to be missing the rim.  Instead, there is a circular net located in the middle. When a player gets into shooting range, a toss that hits the net gets two points while striking any other part of the backboard gets one. Demolition Ball is great for group events like birthday parties, office retreats, bachelor parties, etc. Games last 15 minutes, but bragging rights last forever.

The facility also features a two-story laser tag arena dubbed “The Adrenaline Zone.”  Once inside, players are faced with a black-lit maze of high walls, which are riddled with corners to hide out and snipe opponents or craftily sneak up behind them. There are three ramps in the middle of the course leading up to an elevated platform that looks out onto the entire map. Like Demolition Ball, sessions last 15 minutes. After each round, players are given a scorecard that tells how many hits they had, how many times they were hit, and how many times they shot each player.

Demolition Ball tips and strategies: Keep moving – if you collide with another player, it can take some time to get back to top speed with your car.  If you don’t have the ball and happen to be away from the action, try large figure-8 style movements while avoiding contact.  This way, when the opportunity comes, you can receive a pass and make a faster break to the goal.

Another tip is to play as a team. If you’re team is having trouble moving the ball through the air, switch to the ground game.  Once a teammate gets the ball, you and your teammates should work to cut off the angles of oncoming defenders to create an open path to the goal.

Adrenaline Zone tips and strategies:  Go top side – Once you enter the arena, make your way up the nearest ramp to the platform that overlooks the map.  From there, you’ll have a bird’s-eye view of any/all players below you, which means perfect sniping opportunities.  However, if you aren’t the type to camp out in one spot the whole game…

Aim high – While other players run for the raised platform, take cover in the alleys beneath it.  You’ll be shielded from the snipers above you and will also have the ability to sneak through any number of corridors to eventually pop out and get a perfect shot on the people above you.

For more on Demolition Ball and Adrenaline Zone in St. Charles, visit their Web site,

Contributed by Missouri Division of Tourism guest blogger Ted Bryant.

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