At Buddha, You Can’t Leave Food on Your Plate

Platte County, which includes the communities of Weston, Parkville, and Riverside, is one area of Missouri I never had the privilege to visit until October, or so I thought.

I was very excited to see this area, and when I received our travel agenda, I noticed the Zona Rosa shopping, dining, retail and entertainment complex was our evening destination the first night. I love to shop and had been to Zona Rosa once before without realizing it was part of Platte County.

We had a safe trip to Platte County and a very enjoyable first day. Evening came and we were to meet our hostesses, Rosemary Salerno, Zona Rosa’s general manager, and Cheryl Johnson, Zona Rosa’s guest services manager, at a new restaurant called Buddha. We had driven through the area earlier that day and saw that Buddha was an Asian-Fusion restaurant. I had heard of different types of fusion restaurants before (eaten at a few also) but never an Asian-Fusion type. I love Asian foods so I was again excited. My heart did go out for MoTravelGuy, though, because I knew he wasn’t a fan of sushi or Chinese food.

We walked in Buddha and were greeted by a very friendly staff and an amazing environment. The décor is upscale, modern and very inviting. We met our hostesses and they began to tell us a bit about the restaurant. There are three other Kenji Fusion locations on the East Coast, and Buddha is the first location in the Midwest. It had been open only a few weeks at the time we were there, and neither of our hostesses had eaten there yet either.

A sushi dish served at Buddha in Zona Rosa.

The sushi that kept appearing on the table looked as good as it tasted. I honestly can’t remember all that we had, some were specials that aren’t on the menu all the time, but they were all absolutely wonderful.

When it was time to place our food order, it was a very difficult decision. The menu consists of Thai, Chinese, Hibachi and of course, sushi. The expansive menu provides something for everybody, even MoTravelGuy, who ended up ordering sweet and sour chicken, much to my surprise.

A flurry of comments went around the table when our food arrived. It looked beautiful and tasted even better. I try to live by the rule of leaving food on your plate, but I just couldn’t adhere to the rule this night!

In short, Buddha will be a must-visit restaurant for me on my next trip to Platte County!

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