Scott Pauley

Scott Pauley
Scott Pauley is a professional fisherman and the outdoors marketing specialist for the Missouri Division of Tourism.

Bed, Breakfast and Bass in Missouri


Ever had trouble finding that special gift for your special someone? Got an upcoming anniversary, significant birthday or retirement? Let me throw this idea out to you: a bed and breakfast that features an in-house bass fishing guide. White River Lodge Bed and Breakfast on Table Rock Lake and Bass and Baskets Bed and Breakfast on Lake of the Ozarks …

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Missouri Has Something For Everyone In The Family

bennett springs comp

In a state as diverse as Missouri, you will find an abundance of great family vacation destinations.  When I think of a couple of the best areas with something for everyone in the family, two places immediately come to mind: Branson and Lebanon. Branson: If it has been a while since you have been to Branson, your memories may be …

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Springtime Bass Fishing Tips


In Missouri, spring is always one of the best times to catch your biggest bass of the year. With an unusually warm winter and early spring, the bass are already hungry and ready for the spawn.  The bass have already moved into the shallows and are pretty predictable.  This time of the year, a variety of lures work well, and at …

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Winter Bass Fishing Survival Pack

winter bass fishing1

Winter is here, but Missouri’s great bass fishing is still going strong. There are three lures you need in your arsenal to develop a fishing system to get you well into spring. I have always tried to keep my bass fishing as simple as possible by focusing in on two of a bass’ main source of food, crayfish (or as …

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Bass Fishing Tips for Fall in Missouri

DSC08364- Sept.

When the nights start cooling down Missouri’s bass fishing starts heating up. The annual shad migration to shallower water has already started. As you head up the rivers and big creek arms of the major reservoirs you will find them, threadfin and gizzard shad, sometimes acres of them. Find the shad and you will find the bass.   With so …

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The Toughest Race in America: MR340


Believed to be the longest continuous canoe marathon in the world, we are a day away from the 10th Annual Missouri American Water MR340, a 340-mile endurance race across Missouri via the Missouri River. The MR 340 starts in Kansas City and ends in St. Charles, and this year’s competition is expected to bring paddlers from across the U.S. (at …

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Missouri’s Best Dry Fly Pattern


I have heard it said many times, new trends from the east or west coasts will find their way to Missouri in just a few years. Well I guess that even goes for trout dry flies. Recently I was fortunate enough to sit in on two fantastic fly-fishing seminars given by a couple of the best fly-fishing instructors in Missouri. …

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An Unexpected Call

Recently I was sitting in line waiting to get the oil changed in my truck when my cell phone rang.  I didn’t recognize the number and it wasn’t programed into my phone but I answered it anyway. The voice on the other end of the line was an old friend who I had not seen in several years.  He said, …

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A Different Look at Kids Fishing: Today’s Youth Angler

youth fishing team

A few weeks ago, as springtime started peaking around the corner, my thoughts turned to bass and crappie fishing in ponds and smaller bodies of water and getting the young anglers out and about. Normally, when I think about taking kids fishing, my mind goes straight to what type of bait or lures to use, what size and style of …

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Finding the Best Places to Fish in Missouri


One of the reasons I love living in Missouri so much is our great topographic diversity. When you combined that with four distinct weather seasons, the outcome is a state full of lakes, streams and rivers with their own “personalities.” No two lakes, rivers or streams fish exactly the same; each changes not only from year to year, season to …

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