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Finding the Best Places to Fish in Missouri


One of the reasons I love living in Missouri so much is our great topographic diversity. When you combined that with four distinct weather seasons, the outcome is a state full of lakes, streams and rivers with their own “personalities.” No two lakes, rivers or streams fish exactly the same; each changes not only from year to year, season to ... Read More »

Winter Fishing in Missouri: It May Be the Best Fishing Season

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Last week I was attending a holiday event when asked: “So are you done fishing for the year?” I responded: “No, I just fished a bass tournament last weekend.” “Really?” he asked. “I didn’t know you could even catch fish this time of the year.” I went on to explain that some of the best fishing of the year is ... Read More »

Calmer Waters: Fishing Small Lakes in Missouri

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During the last week, I had the opportunity to fish several of the smaller lakes of mid-Missouri: Little Dixie near Fulton, Teal Lake and Lakeview Park Lake in Mexico, Sugar Creek near Moberly and Binder Lake outside of Jefferson City. These are lakes you’ve maybe never heard of, but a common thread is they are managed by the Missouri Department ... Read More »

Fishing on Stockton Lake


Like many people, I often catch myself thinking of Stockton Lake as “The Sailboat Lake.” While that may be true in some regards, Stockton Lake is a fantastic fishery.  I had the opportunity to spend four days bass fishing on Stockton a couple of weeks ago. What I found was that it wasn’t only the sun that was shining. Catching ... Read More »