• Elise Eimer

    Elise Eimer

    Elise Eimer is the Digital Content Specialist for the Missouri Division of Tourism. A true foodie at heart, Elise is your go-to person for all things health and fitness related in Missouri.
  • Stephen Foutes

    Stephen Foutes is Communications Manager for the Missouri Division of Tourism.
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  • Barbara Brueggeman

    Barbara Brueggeman

    Barb Brueggeman is the Web Editor for the Missouri Division of Tourism. She love birding, being outdoors, and can't resist a good a cappella singing group.
  • Davina Horton

    Davina Horton

    Davina Horton is a Missouri resident and expert in all things Missouri winery related. Together she and her fiancé, Michael, travel around the state, visiting wineries and enjoying the countryside. Follow their adventures at
  • Scott Pauley

    Scott Pauley

    Scott Pauley is a professional fisherman and the outdoors marketing specialist for the Missouri Division of Tourism.
  • Katie Steele Danner

    Katie Steele Danner

    Kathleen (Katie) Steele Danner has served as Director of the Missouri Division of Tourism since November of 2009.
  • Lori Simms

    Lori Simms

    Lori Simms is Deputy Director of Marketing for the Missouri Division of Tourism. On the weekends you will often find her at a local social art studio creating her next masterpiece to hang on her office wall. Being the social butterfly that she is, Lori is your go-to-girl for all things fun in MO (which happens to be everything).
  • Scott McCullough

    Scott McCullough

    Scott McCullough is Staff Writer/Editor for the Missouri Division of Tourism. Scott is your go-to for info on Missouri Wineries.
  • Tom Uhlenbrock

    Tom Uhlenbrock

    Tom Uhlenbrock is an avid outdoorsman who works and writes stories for the Missouri Department of Natural Resources Division of State Parks.