Back home

It’s good to get home after a long trip, but we had a fun time in Southeast Missouri. Since we’ve been back, I’ve thought of a couple things to share. First, if you’re traveling and going to be doing any outdoor walking or climbing, wear tennis shoes, not flip flops. When we were at Elephant Rock State Park, MoTravelMama had about a five-minute internal debate — and we also were trying to influence her — about jumping a three to four foot span from one rock to the next. The problem was, she was in flip-flops and likely would’ve taken a spill. So, again, wear real shoes when you’re out and about. Second, if you’re going to be outdoors, especially in some type of swamp area, use bug spray. You aren’t likely to be sorry. Third, make sure you have plenty of batteries for that digital camera you’re carrying. I reeled off about 20 pictures at Elephant Rocks, but you won’t see them posted here. Why? Because A: I’m not very bright and B: The camera tricked me. Even though it showed low battery, the camera acted like it was taking photos — you know, flashing, showing the pictures in the display window, etc. It wasn’t until we got back here I realized — OK, MoPhotoGirl told me — the dead battery thing caught up with me. It’s a bummer, too, because Elephant Rocks was awesome. But the good thing is, if you want to see pictures from Elephant Rocks State Park, you can log onto our Web site at to view some. Safe travels, everyone!

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