Baseball: A Missouri Tradition

More than a half-million people packed downtown Kansas City to celebrate the Royals World Series win in 2015, and more than 3 million people visit Busch Stadium annually to see the St. Louis Cardinals play.

Yes, it’s safe to say Missouri is a baseball state.

A sea of blue at the Royals Rally in Kansas City.
A sea of blue at the 2016 Royals Rally in Kansas City.

So let’s celebrate the start of another season – which means spring has sprung and summer is almost here! – in the Show-Me State by reviewing some of the awesome things about baseball in Missouri.

Gameday: Whether you’re at Kauffman or Busch, walking through a narrow concourse then seeing the entire field and surrounding stadium opening up before you is a thrilling moment, no matter how many times you’ve been to the ballpark. From the smell of ballpark food and the taste of cold beverages, to the roar of excited fans and high-fiving the total stranger sitting next to you, it’s hard to beat game day in Missouri.

Second-guessing: Playing manager is a fan’s favorite pastime. Why make that pitching change now? There’s a better pinch-hitter on the bench. My 6-year-old could’ve made that stop. Fans know these things. Coaches should, too.

The crack of the bat: If you’ve been to many games, you know the sound a well-hit ball makes. And when someone has really jacked one, you’re on your feet before the second baseman has a chance to turn his head. That’s a great sound and a great feeling … as long as the home team is at bat.

Heroes of the diamond: From legendary players ranging from Stan Musial to George Brett, and clutch post-season performances from the likes of Jimmy Edmonds and Eric Hosmer, Missouri’s pro baseball teams have rich histories and a penchant for producing guys who come up big when the games really matter.

That’s what speed do: Really, there’s nothing more to say, but if you need a little background, click here.

Rings: Teams in Missouri have more than a dozen World Series rings, thanks largely to the Cardinals 11, but the Royals have the newest accessories. And after waiting 30 years to get them, chances are, they’re going to be pretty sweet.

Up-and-comers: Missouri gives you the opportunity to see tomorrow’s stars today thanks to its minor league and independent league pro teams. Several major leaguers have played for the Springfield Cardinals (the AA affiliate of the St. Louis Cardinals),  the River City Rascals (based in O’Fallon) have become one of the Frontier League’s most successful and popular franchises, and the Joplin Blasters brought professional baseball back to that city in 2015 with their inaugural season in the American Association of Independent Professional Baseball.

Exciting teams, beautiful stadiums and the great cities that call them home are waiting for you this summer in Missouri. To find a date that’s right for you, check out the Cardinals and Royals schedules, then plan your Missouri getaway and make sure a game is on your must-see list in 2016. VisitMO on Pinterest Missouri Travel Guide

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