Bird’s-Eye View of Lake of the Ozarks

The Lake of the Ozarks becomes even more beautiful from the air.
The Lake of the Ozarks becomes even more beautiful from the air.

As much as I would love for “thrill seeker” to be my official profession, I, unfortunately, can only claim that title on the weekends. From cliff jumping to para-sailing above sharks, I have done it all. But nothing quite prepared me for the thrill ride at Lake Ozark Helicopters, Inc.

Ever since I can remember, riding in a helicopter has been at the top of my bucket list. So, when I was asked to go on a flight, I was ecstatic; my aeronautical dreams had finally come true! Not needing any prodding; I jumped in the car and set out seeking adventure.

At Lake Ozark Helicopters, we were able to pick from many different packages the company offered. These different routes accommodate a variety of aerial views that showcase the best sights at the Lake of the Ozarks. And, for those of you who have experienced the many routes and are looking for something new, the company allows for custom aerial tours, too.

Lake Ozark Helicopter
Lake Ozark Helicopters, Inc.

For pre-flight prep, we were instructed on different safety precautions and buckled in safely by expert helicopter loaders. Next, it was lights, camera, and moving; the blades started rotating and we were off!

With all my excitement, I am pretty sure the pilot was afraid I would ask to fly the plane halfway through the ride, but I subdued myself for the safety of others.

Once in the air, our panoramic view of the area was amazing! We saw countless miles of shoreline and the many bridges that complement the expansive area. Our pilot, Kevin King, was very informative and he helped make our experience an unforgettable one.

Amazing, breathtaking, gorgeous, exhilarating; there are not enough words to describe the view we held from the helicopter cockpit. I must say that out of everything I have experienced in life, nothing could hold a candle to my helicopter ride.

It is, by far, the best way to take in the sights!

Whether you are feeling exploratory and want to venture over Ha Ha Tonka or you just want a bird’s-eye view of the region, Lake Ozark Helicopters is the place for you. But, make sure you have a camera on hand. With the quest you’re on, you are sure to make others jealous.

Special thanks to Lake Ozark Helicopters and Jerry Bice for arranging this adventure.

Written by Brittney Mormann, summer intern for the Missouri Division of Tourism. Photos by Elise Eimer for the Missouri Division of Tourism.

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