Boomerang Brings More Coaster Fun to Six Flags

Missouri Division of Tourism staffers Ben and Elise recently had the opportunity to ride the new Boomerang roller coaster at Six Flags St. Louis. The ride, which is Six Flags’ ninth coaster, opened just in time for the start of the summer travel season.

Here’s a video showcasing their inaugural adventure on Boomerang (note, the sound doesn’t start until the ‘moving forward’ part of the ride begins at about the 47 second mark):

After watching, check out the Q and A, complete with his and hers responses.

Part of Boomerang has you riding backward, is it scary to not be able to see what’s ahead?

He says: You watch the ride as you are waiting and you think you have it all figured out, that the backwards part isn’t going to be that intense. But then … each twist, turn and loop comes as a surprise. I wouldn’t say “scary” is the right word, but “discombobulating” might be.

She says: Going backward was exhilarating and the stall at the top right before you drop backward made it that much more exciting

Enjoy the twists, turns and upside down fun on Boomerang.
Enjoy the twists, turns and upside down fun on Boomerang.

How would you compare Boomerang to other coasters on which you’ve ridden?

He says: It is definitely on par with some of the best rides I’ve experienced.

She says: It was totally different from what I expected. Usually coasters that give you that much thrill are much longer and faster

What’s the best part of the ride?

He says: I’ve got to say it is the middle part, where you are hanging there for a few seconds before you go back through. You’ve just gone through this intense experience and it feels so calm and peaceful, but you know that it is about to get just as crazy, if not more.

She says: I enjoyed the start of the coaster the most; the anticipation as you are pulled backward up the hill and then the free fall as you take off. Coaster genius

Talk about the speed and maybe compare it to other rides at Six Flags.

He says: I think I actually like this one more than Mr. Freeze, simply because you get to anticipate and enjoy the view a little more. With Mr. Freeze, you are shot out of the loading zone with hydraulics. With Boomerang, you are pulled back like a slingshot.

She says: I thought it was going to be just like Mr. Freeze but it was a completely different ride. It doesn’t focus on how fast you’re going, but more on the intricate twists and turns that are happening while you are flying through this compact coaster. It’s definitely a coaster that makes your knees shake for the next minute after you get off.

Ben, were surprised you could hit that octave?

He says: Honestly, yes, I was a little surprised. Clearly I tapped into something I never knew I had while riding the Boomerang. And I’m perfectly alright if that part of me is never videotaped again.

Elise, were you surprised that Ben screamed so much?

She says: After seeing the Outlaw Run video, I decided to take precautionary measures and bring ear plugs. Unfortunately I left them in the car.


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