Bring on the Adrenaline at Lake of the Ozarks


The Lake of the Ozarks has a lot to offer to everyone, whether it is relaxing, boating, or anything in between.  Yet, for all the thrill seekers out there, the Lake of the Ozarks has just what you need and more.  Here is a list of some action packed excitement to check out.

  • Sky Surf from Iguana Watersports is taking thrill seeking to a whole new level.  If you ever wondered what it felt like to fly, this is going to be as close as you are going to get.  You have a specialized outfit that uses the water to push you in the air.  This is not an adventure for just anyone and a class is required before you rent the equipment.
  • Paradise Parasail is just what it sounds like…parasailing.  Parasailing is not new but it is a thrill.  Soaring through the air enjoying the beauty of the Lake while feeling free; there isn’t anything like it.  It is guaranteed a good time.  The best part is that you can go up in the air with a friend too.
Paddle Boarding is a fun way to explore the lake.
Paddle Boarding is a fun way to explore the lake.
  • Super Dave’s Paddle Craft Adventures is something many people are trying and falling in love with.  This is a paddle board with a long oar that you can navigate around the Lake or rather a cove at the Lake.  Though it may sound simple and easy, there is a certain level of balance and skill involved with this adventure.
  • Kirby’s School of Wake is a one of a kind school that offers classes/sessions to teach you how to wakeboard.   Wakeboarding is not an activity that is easy to do.  Taking a class is something that would help you to stroke the adrenaline junkie in you.
  • Lake Ozark Helicopter offers amazing mile high views of the Lake.  This is an affordable rush for anyone willing to go up.  The mere size of a helicopter and the intimacy of it will make this activity a rush.

  • Jones Brothers Seaplanes and Air Lake Aviation both offer plane rides throughout the Lake area and once again getting an amazing view of the Lake is something you don’t get every day.  The Seaplane is an awesome piece of aircraft.  You take off from the water and land right back on the water.  This is the only Seaplane offering rides throughout the entire Lake area.

Whether you come to the Lake of the Ozarks to relax or find new adventures, the Lake has it all.  All the activities mentioned above can be found on  This is a one stop shop for lodging, shopping, dining, area attractions and a full list of events.

Written by Heather Brown, director of member services for the Lake of the Ozarks Convention and Visitors Bureau.

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