Butterfly House

Went to Chesterfield for a wedding over the weekend, as the couple had decided to get married at the Missouri Botanical Garden’s Butterfly House. It’s a really pretty site located in Faust Park.

In addition to the Butterfly Conservatory, the grounds also contain a historic village, with homes and buildings dating to the mid-to-late 1800s, along with Thornhill, the oldest standing governor’s home in Missouri. It belonged to Missouri’s second governor, Frederick Bates, and his family.

There is also a park with plenty of fun stuff, including a small climbing wall, for kids; and there’s a pond where geese like to swim.

Inside the butterfly house, you’ll find displays with all manner of creatures, some of which will probably give you willies, especially the giant millipede and the tarantula. There’s also a massive glass case full of roaches.

The Butterfly Conservatory is quite beautiful, though, and it’s neat to see the winged beauties fly above, below and beside you. You can take a quick stroll through the conservatory, or sit on one of the benches and enjoy your time with the butterflies. Either way, it’s a pretty neat experience.

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