Cape Girardeau Storytelling Festival: An Entertainment Explosion

My television exploded this weekend. Just boom—exploded—pieces falling all over the floor—showering me with bits and shreds of static and airwaves. Yes, folks, my television exploded this weekend. Okay, well not literally.

My television exploded in the way that audiences suddenly appear naked (when you nervously take to the stage) or in the way that your mother-in-law gets swallowed up by a huge monster (after she tells you that your face looks fat in your wedding pictures). My television exploded in that same figurative way, when I saw myself on Public Forum discussing the Cape Girardeau Storytelling Festival with the co-producers of the festival.

Boom. I flashed to 3rd grade when my father’s neighbor, Jerry Hollis, was filming a Bunny Bread commercial inside his house. Somehow I was wrangled into running across the street, long blonde braid flying, so that I could play a supporting role in the commercial. My line was, “That’s what I said.” And, then I had to eat a disgusting amount of white bread slathered with margarine.

For some reason, the little boy who was supposed to play the part of the “kid” was too shy to belt out the line. So, instead of having this adorable kid with perfect clothes and hair play the part of the “kid,” they had the sweaty, frizzy-haired neighbor girl do it.

Sizzle. The screen of my television faded to black as it segued to commercial. I flipped the channel and threw the remote onto the end table. I wondered if the Public Forum show would inspire people to call and buy tickets? I wondered if folks from across the state of Missouri would wake up on Saturday morning and think—it’s a gorgeous day—let’s head to Cape Girardeau for the storytelling festival.

It’s a great way to be outdoors, enjoy some fabulous entertainment at an affordable price, and soak in the charm of an historic town with gorgeous vistas of the mighty Mississippi.

Confused about what storytelling is all about? Click here before my television explodes again.

For tickets and information about the Cape Girardeau Storytelling Festival and the city of Cape Girardeau call the Cape Girardeau Convention and Visitors Bureau at 1-800-777-0068 or visit the Web site For online ticketing, click here. For those tech-savvy Facebook and Twitter fans, search for capeSF.

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