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Get your rock climbing on at Climb So iLL in St. Louis.

Summer: the term so many people associate with boating, hiking, barbeques, and family trips. My thoughts on the word only bring up one thing: adventure.

I am always looking for something new to do with my time, especially during the summer, and last weekend I found a great pastime that, in my view, is not enjoyed by enough people. All of you who shy away from the words “adventure” and “new” stay with me, I think this activity is suited for everyone.

Climb So iLL is a state-of-the-art indoor rock-climbing facility located five minutes from the Gateway Arch. I have been climbing in the past, but, frankly, not at a facility this awesome. And for all of you who might be new to the idea, take heart: no previous climbing experience is necessary to have a great time here.

Climb So iLL offers seven different climbing walls, 40 rope stations, six auto-belay units, and is fitted with 20 walls that are 50 feet tall – or taller! All that amounts to one heck of a climbing experience. They also have an accessible viewing deck where you can overlook the entire gym.

The fact I could climb with no one having to watch over me made the experience that much more enjoyable; it was nice going from wall to wall without any restrictions holding me back. Also, if you are feeling brave enough to join the experts of the rock climbing world, you can take yourself to the next level and participate in a series of classes that can enhance your climbing skills. After my climb, I realized I should probably invest in those classes for the future because there were 8-year-olds out-climbing me.

Even though I am a terrible climber, my time at the gym was so much fun! I was lucky enough to run into one of the owners, Dave Chancellor, while I was there. Dave offered a few tips on rappelling from the wall and made sure I was having a great time. His personality mirrors that of his gym’s, unique and inspiring, and his passion for the hobby helps make the gym such a captivating place. The sport itself allows you to clear your mind and help you dig deep for inner strength and control, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out on a limb – literally.

Whether you’re a seasoned rock-climbing veteran or a novice new to the sport, Climb So iLL has everything you want from great routes and amenities to trained staff and accredited route setters.

You need to put this experience on your summer bucket list.

Written by Brittney Mormann, summer intern for the Missouri Division of Tourism.

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