Come for the Baseball Stay for the Wine

Missouri baseball fans are some of the best in the world. As you’re planning your next trip to the ballpark, whether you’re headed to Kaufman or Busch Stadium, include a Missouri winery or two on your itinerary.


CardinalsNation Mo Wine

Wineries near St. Louis:

  • The Augusta/Defiance area just southwest of St Louis is home to:
  • The Hillsboro area is home to:
  • Ste. Genevieve/Farmington are home to:


ForeverRoyal Mo Wine

There are two wine trails near Kansas City:

Additionally, KC Wineworks is located in the Crossroads Arts District of Kansas City and Vox Vineyards has a tasting room with Green Dirt Farm Creamery in Weston.

Baseball is the American pastime, but everything is more fun with Missouri wine. Next time you’re headed to a game, include one of these great, local wineries on your trip!

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