Create Your Own Missouri Date Night

date night
Create your own Missouri date night in your favorite city.

It’s always a great time of year to spend quality time with that special someone while you enjoy Missouri’s wonderfully vibrant restaurants, entertainment and nightlife. Keep the love going with weekly date nights in Missouri.

If you aren’t sure where to start, consider the list below a step in the right direction. Here’s how it works: you see each city mentioned below has its own tab featuring great options for your upcoming date night or special outing. Make choices from the “Eats” column, the “Activities” column and the “Drinks” column to create your own date night combination for your chosen city.

So mix and match and have fun with it! If you don’t see your favorite Missouri date night locations in these choices, leave a comment below and tell us what we’re missing.

  • Cape Girardeau
  • Columbia
  • Kansas City
  • Springfield
  • St. Louis

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