Cupcake Discovery

I was very excited when I discovered The Cupcakery (soon to be called The Cup) in the Central West End of St. Louis. The sweet smell engulfs you before you even walk in the door. To walk inside and see such a great display of so many types of cupcakes can be overwhelming to a sweets-lover like me.

I then was on a mission to locate more cupcake places in Missouri.

My next discovery was Babycakes in Kansas City near the City Market. Again, the store is adorable and has many wonderful flavors from which to choose. Babycakes also sells Shatto Milk Co. flavored milks. Can’t beat a flavorful cupcake and sweet-flavored milk to wash it down with! Babycakes apparel is also available to purchase, and for many, the endearing term is enough to make them purchase a shirt; the variety of colors is an added bonus.

Babycakes, Kansas City

There is nothing better than accidentally discovering cupcakes while running errands. I was walking along the downtown streets of Jefferson City when I discovered that a popular bakery, Chez Monet, was also selling cupcakes. I had walked several blocks and had several more to walk, so a sugar surge was just what I needed.

Unfortunately for me, these are the only three that I have had the opportunity to taste test. I was curious as to how many more cupcake bakeries there are in Missouri, so I reached out to our Facebook Fans and discovered many more. Here are a few of their recommendations:

BK Bakery, Jefferson City,

The Fudge Shoppe, Washington

The Alaska House, Chillicothe

Haute Cakes, St. Charles,

Charmed Cakes, Waynesville

Sugar Loft, Osage Beach,

Jilly’s Cupcake Bar & Café, St. Louis,

The great thing about cupcakes is that each place has its own flavors and flair. From tuxedo to bee sting to Missyliscious to red,white and blueberry, there is something for everybody, as long as you like cupcakes. I would love to hear from you on your favorite places to buy cupcakes in Missouri and the flavors you enjoy. And, I will keep you updated as I venture through Missouri on my cupcake mission!

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