Disney and Dusty Millers


Visit Walt Disney’s family farm in Marceline.

Marceline, Missouri was a magical place for Walt Disney; it was a place where a boy, a tree, and a town came together to help create the magical world of Disney. It is also home to famous Missouri desserts such as the Dusty Miller.

Marceline was the boyhood home of Walt Disney and is the town he credits in helping him find his imagination. It also prompted the memories that helped him create so many characteristics of the world of Disney that so many know and love. The town also served as inspiration for Main Street USA, which you can find in Disneyland.

Growing up, Walt would head to a tree on his family farm when he wanted to daydream or draw, not knowing this act would help him envision so much of what would become the Disney legacy today.

The Dreaming Tree, as it is called, is located not far from the center of town and offers a beautiful view of the farm on which Walt once lived. Near the Dreaming Tree is Walt’s barn; another place that helped Walt develop his imagination, and where you can leave him a special message.

Dusty Miller
Dusty Miller

If your curiosity continues and you want to know even more about Walt Disney, you can take a trip to the Walt Disney Hometown Museum, where Walt’s life is beautifully documented. There are many of the Disney family artifacts you only get to see in the museum, as well as great tour guides who know so much about Walt and his family. If you are Disney fanatics, or interested to know where the world of Disney all began, Marceline is the place to visit.

Speaking of magical, you can’t stop at the museum without heading over to Ma Vic’s Corner Café and treating yourself to a Dusty Miller. Your taste buds will be delighted if you choose to indulge in this sweet treat, which is a perfect blend of ice cream, chocolate syrup, malt, and a cherry on top. I am already thinking of making a trip there again soon – they were that enchanting!

Whether you are inspired by a man whose optimism helped him take entertainment and turn it into an empire, or looking to take a vacation that’s close to home, take a trip to Marceline to see where the Disney magic began so many years ago.

Written By Brittney Mormann, summer intern for the Missouri Division of Tourism.

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