Enjoy the Mud: Obstacle-Course Racing in Missouri

Are you looking for a unique and active experience on your trip to Missouri? Do you want something that will give you bragging rights and stories you will remember for years down the road?

A Missouri Obstacle Course Race will provide just the active challenge you are looking for as you explore the Show-Me State.

A contestant enjoys last year's Epic Mud Run in Columbia. (Photo by UltraMax Sports from http://goo.gl/fD6Fc)
A contestant enjoys last year’s Epic Mud Run in Columbia. (Photo by UltraMax Sports, from http://goo.gl/fD6Fc)

The recent explosion of obstacle-course racing has turned the sport into a $250-million dollar industry nationwide. If you haven’t seen one before, just imagine a typical 5K run; now add goofy costumes, lots of music, obstacles (and probably a free beer for participants) and you get the idea of an obstacle race.

Obstacles vary a great deal depending on the overall difficulty of the race. They range from the simple and easy (crawling through drain pipes) to the difficult and involved (maneuvering across a tightrope that’s hanging over a body of water). Some are just there for the thrill and don’t take any special skill; think ice baths or water slides.

The Show-Me State will host 15 Mud Runs and obstacle-course races in 2013. Though the events are generally concentrated in the major cities of Springfield, Kansas City and St. Louis, you can find races across Missouri.

Want a memorable way to see the Gateway Arch? Try out City Mayhem, where you have a view of the Arch much of the way, and then enjoy a pint from a local St Louis brewer when it’s all over. Want a unique experience in the Ozark Mountains with plenty of local flavor? Try your hand at the Hillbilly Mud Run, where all of the obstacles have a hillbilly theme and proceeds are donated to charity.

In addition to these locally organized races, there are several national series that host events in Missouri, including the Warrior Dash, Run for Your Lives and the women’s only Dirty Girl.

The events mentioned above are quite suitable for beginners, and participants will feel comfortable in the race as long as they can jog/power walk for three miles.

For racers who want an extreme challenge, Tough Mudder will come to St. Louis, providing a challenging 10-12 mile course with very difficult obstacles.

Check out the 2013 Missouri Mud Runs and start planning a Missouri vacation to remember.

Written by Emily Metzloff, founder of MudRunning HQ.

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