Exploring Missouri State Parks: Elephant Rocks

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One of the most popular state parks, Elephant Rocks is named for the giant pink boulders that stand end-to-end like a train of circus elephants.

Located off Highway 21 in the lovely Arcadia Valley of southeast Missouri, the geologic curiousity that is the park’s centerpiece is said to be some 1.5 billion years old.

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Formed by molten rock called magma, erosion fractured the granite into huge, angular blocks. Groundwater than softened the edges and corners of the blocks, forming giant rounded masses.

Visitors to the park can view the boulders from the one-mile Braille Trail, which is designed to accommodate people with visual or physical disabilities. The trail passes a quarry pond, then heads to the top of the granite outcrop.

The park has 30 shaded picnic sites, restrooms and a playground.

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