Fall Floats in Missouri

This is the perfect time of year for taking in the beautiful outdoor scenery while on a float trip.  One way to enjoy a float is by using a single-person float tube which is powered by the use of your legs and feet (some people even use a small motor).  A float tube is a large u-shaped tube with a seat in the middle; you step into a chest-high pair of waders and will stay warm and dry — and be ready to have some fun.

Take a float trip for some 'you' time

For an avid floater, there is nothing like taking in the sites in a one-man float tube; you have privacy and peace and get to take in nature without any external disturbances.  When floating down one of the many beautiful Missouri rivers, you can try some bass or fly fishing.  You can pack your tackle and be off on an adventure unlike anything you have ever experienced before.

The last few weeks of summer are lazy and call for enjoying yourself on the river. The state of Missouri has many places where you can witness nature at its finest.  A long, leisurely float trip on the river is a great way to cool off, enjoy your vacation and see some great scenery.  You should never go on a float trip alone, but instead find someone who enjoys it as much as you do. Additionally, floating with another/others is a good idea just in case an emergency (in the form of equipment failure or an injury) arises.

You can rent tubes, rafts and canoes, or you can take along a float tube you have purchased on your own.  Whichever method you choose, you also want to bring along some supplies, which can include snacks, a first aid kit, water shoes, a cooler stocked with drinks and ice, snacks, money, a mesh bag for trash, sunglasses, ID card and life jackets.  It pays to make a list of things you are going to need beforehand, so you don’t forget anything or have to rush around trying to get things together at the last minute.

Sometimes, if you are unfamiliar with the area you will be floating, it pays to go out a day or two before your float to check things out.  Choose an area where you will camp and be aware the banks of a river may very well be private property, meaning you might want to receive permission before you go.  Avoid trespassing on someone’s private property and only use areas clearly outlined for public access when going on a float trip.  Bringing along an extra tube also is a good idea should you accidentally damage your tube or someone in your party forgets to pack their tube.

Summer float trips in the state of Missouri are an excellent way to have fun and floating is an activity enjoyed by people of all ages.  Remember, a bit of pre-planning is necessary when taking a float on one of Missouri’s rivers. But this activity is a great way of spending an afternoon just relaxing and provides you with some much-needed “you” time.

Submitted by floating enthusiast Will Hanke; follow him on Twitter @FloatMissouri.

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