Finding Momo?

A camera crew from the @VisitMO team recently traveled to Pike County, Missouri, to search for the elusive Momo – a bigfoot-like creature who first appeared in the area in the 1970s.

As we traveled to Mississippi River country, we couldn’t find anyone who had a connection to the original, 1970s-era sightings, to speak to us on camera. One area resident, Andrew Stephens, did speak to us about his experiences with what may have been “the Momo.”

Please click here to see Part One of our interview; to watch Part Two, click here.

Stephens said it was the summer of 1997, while he was exploring a wooded area of Pike County, he encountered the creature. According to Stephens, Momo was lurking behind a tree, peeked out, ducked back behind the tree, then took off running. Stephens admits that he, too, ran from the scene … in the opposite direction.

What’s that lurking in the woods at photo’s right edge? Could it be Momo?

Fast forward to this past weekend and our crew’s visit to the Louisiana area. Stephens took us to the area of his reported encounter. While one member of our crew was filming a segment, our photographer – who was shooting pictures about 75 yards away – came over to the camera operator and said he “heard something.”

Stephens immediately was spooked. He started looking around and became visibly agitated. He demanded our crews shut down the filming. What happened next is a little unclear.

Or should I say, it was unclear, until we got back to the photo lab.

Before Stephens demanded we stop filming, our photographer snapped the image shown at left.

If you look at the background right of the photo, you’ll see a figure lurking in the woods. Although none of us actually saw the creature with our own eyes, we know this much:

  • No one else was in the area; it’s private property
  • All members of our crew were accounted for
  • Stephens rode to the area on a pink Vespa, meaning he couldn’t have taken a “friend” to scare our crew

Does this image conclusively show evidence the Momo exists? That’s up to you to decide. As far as the VisitMO team is concerned, it does.

We encourage you to continue to look for Momo sightings on the VisitMO Facebook page and check out the videos referenced above. We’ll continue searching for the truth; our hope is to see Momo again someday and perhaps find a way to track its movements. We’ll keep you updated on those efforts.

Happy Halloween, everyone!!

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