A Fish Called Lorraine: Fishing at Lake of the Ozarks

Being from Missouri and old enough to be out of college, you would think I would have caught a fish or have at least been fishing in a boat by now.


And when I told @MoTravelGuy about this … well of course I got the wide-eyes that were screaming “WE HAVE TO GET A VIDEO OF YOU FISHING- THIS WILL BE HILARIOUS.”

Next thing I know I am waking up at 4 a.m. to make sure I get down to Public Beach No. 2 at Lake of the Ozarks by 7 a.m. to start my first fishing adventure …  with the Go Pro strapped to my chest.

IMG_7442 comp
Up early on Lake of the Ozarks with professional fisherman, Scott Pauley + Go Pro.

I was lucky enough to be fishing with a professional, the great Scott Pauley, who made me the fisherwoman I am today in just a few hours on a beautiful morning on the lake.

To begin, casting is an art form. It took me a while to really get it down – I’m talking half of the morning. And Scott may have lost a lure or two in a few trees and/or shrubs (I don’t know my own strength) but I finally got the hang of it and with Scott’s expert fish locating skills, I felt a bite.

IMG_7487comp crop

It was a gorgeous morning as we maneuvered around the lake looking for prime fishing spots. Coves with lots of docks seem to be best. My cast was coming together and I felt a tug on my line. “Probably just an old boot,” I told myself, thinking of cartoons when the spry young fisherman thinks he has a 10 pounder, only to find black rubber footwear.

I need to have more confidence in my abilities because it surely was a fish, a pretty big one actually, which, before I actually LANDED it, spit out my hook and gave me a smile and a wink before it swam to the deep.

After that, Scott and I started a pretty good system of him getting the fish to bite and then me taking the rod and reeling them in. So I guess you could say I caught a bunch of fish. Or can you?

IMG_7454 cropped comp

Well I say I did, because I felt pretty powerful taking the fish out of their comfort zone, creeping them out a bit by hanging on to their bottom lip and then throwing them back to safety. I now understand why men love the sport so much: when you win a struggle against nature, it’s pretty cool.

A special fish crept (or should I say swam) into my heart that day. Scott had to pull her out of the water because she put up a fight and she was so large. Side note: I say “she” because Scott explained to us that she was female bass because of the larger size of her torso (her lady-fish hips); male bass are usually a little slimmer. We put Lorraine (oh, yeah. I named her) in the “fish prison” as I like to call it (it’s known to most as a live well), on the boat so we could catch up to our photographer and get a photo of me and Lorraine.

Me holding Lorraine.

Lorraine put up a fight for the photo but Scott’s fish-whispering capabilities came out and she settled down for the shot you see here. Oh and make sure you watch my Go Pro footage (below) of me reeling in my first fish!

It was a great morning of fishing on the Lake of the Ozarks. I really am spoiled to have my first time fishing on such a beautiful, large lake with a professional fisherman, but it was so much fun. The next day I even bought my own fishing rod for my future lake excursions.


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