Floating in Missouri: The Calling of the River

For nearly 30 years I have been involved in the paddlesports industry. I have witnessed thousands of float trips, and have even managed to sneak off for a few of my own. For me, every time I answer the call of the river, the conversation is familiar, yet as different as the water flowing through the stream.

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There is a peaceful rejuvenation that slowly washes away the stress of daily life and leaves me feeling cleansed and refreshed. I know why I love to float, but was curious to know about others. So I asked the question, “What do YOU love about floating?” Here are some of the replies:

Laura M. says, “The peace that a river holds and shares with those who venture to float.”

Danielle E. adds, “Great memories with my children. We just escape from our busy lives and become one with nature for 2-3 days!”

“The beauty God had created that so many people will never see or experience,” notes Bob N.

From Thomas P. the allure is, “The instant connection to Mother Nature/disconnection from modern pace of life!”

“Unplugging from the city and relaxing into nature with those most important to you,” Is a priority for Andrew T.

Steve F. said, “Great memories with friends!”

Each trip to the river is unique and will hold different memories for all. Whether you are catching tadpoles with your kids, fishing or just relaxing with or without friends, memories are being made (even the ones you hope are never recalled!). Relationships are strengthened and bonds are formed while at the river.

So when the river calls, answer it. You’ll be glad you did!

Written by Michelle Lambeth, the executive director for the Missouri Canoe and Floaters Association. Photo courtesy of Nolan Brunnworth.

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