Show-Me Five: Candy Shops in Missouri to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

There are many candy shops in Missouri, each with its own charm and vibe, casting out smells of home-made chocolates, taffies, and sour gummies to patrons. Crush that candy craving and carry your own favorite treats in hand (or mouth) here:

Crown Candy Kitchen

If you’ve ever visited Crown Candy Kitchen in St. Louis, you know it packs a crowd for its milkshakes, malts and sandwiches. But make no mistake; Crown Candy Kitchen isn’t just a lunch stop.  You’ll want to set aside some extra time to browse the shelves of candy because this shop fills quickly with chocolate-hungry fans. Maybe it’s the chocolate-covered Oreos? There’s also a counter brimming with colorful, sweet hard candies that no candy lover can keep their eyes, or taste buds, away from.

crown candy collage

Chase Candy Company

Crafting candies and curing cravings since 1876 is St. Joseph’s Chase Candy Company. You’ll understand why after biting into their world-famous Cherry Mash. The candy’s soft, cherry-flavored center is surrounded by chopped roasted peanuts and a thick chocolate coating. Yes, it tastes as good as it sounds. Try them melted over ice cream. The Facebook fans at VisitMO recommend this as a favorite recipe!

Corner Grocery Store

Tucked on the corner lot between Broadway and Middle in the heart of Cape Girardeau’s downtown is Corner Grocery Store. While they serve a mean grilled cheese, the store also crafts delicious chocolates and homemade candies to satisfy your sugary soul. From peanut brittles to peppermint patties, picking what appeals probably isn’t a piece of cake.

Corner Grocery Store in Cape Girardeau.
Corner Grocery Store in Cape Girardeau.

Candy House Gourmet Chocolate

Walk up to Candy House Gourmet Chocolate and notice it’s jammed – with charm. You may be confused at first, asking yourself if you’re in Germany (the exterior of the building will do that). But no, in fact, you’re in Joplin, and you’re about to be hit with the smells of a thousand different candies and chocolates the minute you step inside.  The shop is filled – wall to wall – with candies in jars, behind glass counters, in bins, in baskets, wrapped under tin or clear plastic wrappers… Cherish it. The smell and the sights are wonderful. Let your taste buds confirm.

Grandma’s Candy Kitchen

In the heart of the Ozarks is Grandma’s Candy Kitchen. To fudge and taffy enthusiasts, this is the kitchen where you’ll want to eat. Boasting 40 flavors of taffy (pina colada or rootbeer float anyone?) and 20 flavors of fudge like rocky road and cookies and cream, the flavors will not only have your taste buds, but also you, screaming for more.

Grandmas Candy Kitchen
Grandmas Candy Kitchen in Lake Ozark.

Written by Daniel Doelling of H&L Partners.

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