Great day for a ballgame

Decided to do a significant amount of driving this weekend. Went up north to see family in Pike County on Friday, only to turn around Saturday for a jaunt back to Central Missouri, then over to Kansas City for the Royals game. Picked up Tom — who had been in the St. Louis area the night before — near the Capitol, then headed west. Nice day for a drive, but along the way, we realized we probably should’ve just played golf. Oh, well. Got to the KC area in the mood for barbecue, only to find the spot we’d selected had folks lined up out the door. Someone found one of their small, take-home menus and we decided to just call in an order, rather than wait more than an hour in line. We got the food about 25 minutes later. Great pulled pork sandwich and fries. Picked up our friend Danny — who spent the day playing in the water at Oceans of Fun with his family — near The K, then headed over to buy tickets. Another friend, Jeff, who just happened to be in Odessa already, met us at the ballpark, where it was FREE HAT NIGHT!!!!Awesome hats celebrate the Royals’ 40th anniversary. Being a Cardinals fan, I hate to admit it, but I actually wore the hat for a while. Don’t tell my mother. Pretty good game, lots of action in the middle and late innings, and the workers at the park certainly were friendly and courteous. The Royals lost 8-7.  We were surprised at just how many Twins fans were at the ballpark. Glad to have guests from out-of-town in KC. Hope they enjoyed their visit, just dont’ want to see the Twinkies beat the Royals again Sunday! Leaving the game is really where the adventure part of the journey began. We had to park waaaaaay outside the stadium and none of us really had a good idea where we parked. We ambled around for about 20 minutes before it dawned on us where we were, but it still was another 10 minute walk to get over there. Then, instead of sitting in traffic, we decided to make a right and do some “city driving.” Well, I have no idea where we were or how we got there — which is bad, since I was behind the wheel — but we ultimately ended up on I-70, several miles away from the post-game traffic jam, so that all worked out. But I must admit, for a while there, it didn’t look good. Then we needed to make a pit stop at a QT near Oak Grove and there was a huge construction project going on at that off-ramp. So, when we headed back up to get on 70, Tom directed me incorrectly and we ended up having to pull a U-turn in near the next intersection. After that, it was pretty much a straight shot home, buzzing along the interstate. Got home about an hour later than I wanted to, but we had a fun safe trip, and it’s hard to beat a day at the ballpark.

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