Jefferson City: “Most Beautiful” Small Town in America

Jefferson City
Jefferson City

Looking for the most beautiful small town in America? Try Jefferson City. That’s right, Rand McNally has chosen Jefferson City as the 2013 “Most Beautiful” Small Town in America. In September, Jefferson City was selected as one of five “Most Beautiful” finalists in the “Best of the Road” contest based off of an all-digital online voting process. As a finalist, Jefferson City then prepared its essay and video submissions which were graded based on the following criteria: persuasiveness, originality, creativity, and volume and persuasiveness of online activity tagging #BestoftheRoad via social media.

Jefferson CityAccording to the Judge’s Take listed on the Rand McNally blog announcing the winners, “Jefferson City’s essay used colorful language to bring out the beauty and charm of the town, from its proud historical connections to its lovely capitol and other elegant buildings.”

Per the winning essay: “Two hundred years ago the founders were impressed by this river city’s potential. Come today and you’ll be impressed by its growth and historical charm. Come five years from now, and who knows what incredible things you’ll see. We guarantee this – Jefferson City’s captivating beauty and charm will capture a permanent place in your heart!” To read the full essay go here.

Let us know what you think makes Jefferson City the most beautiful small town in America!

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