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Winter can get pretty brutal, as we all have seen this year. So why not cozy up, stay in and throw on some Missouri-made movies to get you laughing, crying and, all around, not thinking about how stinking cold it is outside. In no particular order, here is a list of five movies in which you’ll be sure to recognize parts of your Show-Me State:

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles– A classic, that I’m sure you have all seen, about two very different men trying to get from New York City to Chicago by any means possible (but mainly by plane, train and car). If you’ve ever flown out of St. Louis, you’ll definitely recognize Lambert Airport as one of the many stops along the way.

Winter’s Bone– Filmed mostly in Christian County, Winter’s Bone may not be the “feel-good movie of the summer” but it will likely make you feel better about your own family. You also get to a watch Jennifer Lawrence in her first leading-lady role (pre-braid and bow hunting).

Truman– Yes, this is one of several films that depict the only Missourian ever elected president, but this one was filmed by HBO in President Truman’s home town, Independence. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be proud to be a Missourian, or you’ll wish you were one. Cheesey, I know, but true. Plus, Oscar nominee Gary Sinise is cast in the title role.

You’re Next– In theaters last August; this Columbia-filmed thriller starts out as your typical slasher movie. Halfway through, your mind is blown when there is a twist in the plot and things start to get really intense. That’s all I’ll say because I don’t want to ruin it for you, but I was a fan. Check your local retailer’s DVD section after you finish reading this awesome blog post (or just go now, I won’t be offended) because it was released today (Jan. 14, 2014).

Up In the AirLambert Airport and St. Louis seem to get a lot of screen time when it comes to movie scenes about travel (also see Silence of the Lambs, The Informant, and The Lucky Ones). St. Louis even doubles as cities such as Omaha and Atlanta in this dramedy about the business-travel lifestyle. If anything else, watch this movie to see the always beautiful George Cooney and, new-found star, Anna Kendrick.

So sit back, stay warm and enjoy a view of Missouri in your own home.

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