King Tut Visits Kansas City

Recently, I had the chance to explore “The Discovery of King Tut” exhibit at Kansas City’s Union Station. I was stoked from the second it was announced that the exhibit, which has been all over Europe but never to the United States, was going to make its U.S. debut only two hours away in Kansas City. I had to go.

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During some pre-visit research, I realized the actual artifacts found in the tomb of King Tutankhamen were not going to be at the exhibit, everything is a replica. None of the actual artifacts are allowed to leave Egypt.

This was a letdown because I was ready to get up-close and personal with some 1,000-year-old artifacts, but as I thought about it I realized something: This exhibit is very prestigious, and there has to be something really awesome about it, otherwise it wouldn’t have drawn rave reviews from visitors around the world..

I was right.

This is not your typical “mummy exhibit”, but instead, an adventure all its own where you travel back in time. All guests receive an audio headset that immerses you in the story of young King Tut’s life, before his mysterious and tragic death.

Next you merge into the 1920s when archeologist Howard Carter, after years of searching, finds Tut’s tomb. Because all of the items are replications the setting recreates the way the tomb looked when Carter opened the doors for the first time since it was sealed after Tut’s death. You are able to get as close as possible to so many artifacts and really examine the artistry and detail that went into it all.

One of the men who started the exhibit and told me the exhibits were brought in front of a group of experts to see if they could tell the difference between the replicas and the real findings., They were amazed at how identical the replicas were to the actual items.

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As for the young king, you feel like he really becomes someone you know by the end. I actually felt a little embarrassed for him when you can view the recreation of the remains — he’s just sitting out in a glass case for everyone to see.  Then I was reminded that it’s a replica of the body and felt better about it all. He sure did look real, though.

The exhibit took about 90 minutes, but you could honestly spend four hours in there if you really wanted to, there is that much to see.

“The Discovery of King Tut” will remain in Union Station until Sept. 7, 2014. I would definitely say it is one of the must-see attractions of the year in Missouri. Find out more, here.

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