Let It Snow …

A massive snowstorm blanketed the Capitol a few years back.

I know snow isn’t the most travel  friendly form of precipitation, but I welcome it during the next couple of days. Hey, it’s a lot better than ice, right? I’m not asking for a blizzard (see picture of Missouri Capitol at left); but I would like more than a dusting.

I have fond memories of snow-filled Christmas days growing up in Missouri. As a kid (and still today) patience was not one of my virtues; I always had my eye on the hills, wondering how long we’d have to sit around the table before I could break out the sled. Really, is there anything better on a winter’s day than crashing your sled and landing in a pile of cold, fresh snow?

I also enjoy the sound of snowfall at night. It’s almost magical, and fitting that it happens at this time of year. Anytime it snows at night, I can’t help but go outdoors to watch and listen for a bit.

If we do get the snowfall forecasters are predicting, I encourage you to drive safely, use good judgment and allow extra time to get to your destinations. Or, if the snowfall forces you to stay homebound, make the most of it; go for a sled ride, throw a snowball, make a snowman. Just have fun.

And if it’s entirely too cold to get outdoors, check out 24 hours of “A Christmas Story” on TBS. It’s always good for a laugh.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


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