Missouri Eats: Meshuggah Bagels

Pete and Janna Linde have finally brought “crazy good” New York-style bagels to Kansas City. The couple recently expanded Meshuggah Bagels, their wholesale kosher bagel company, by opening their first retail storefront on 39th Street this month.

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Meshuggah Bagels | Kansas CityMeshuggah Bagels 002_Christopher Smith
Meshuggah Bagels | Kansas CityMeshuggah Bagels 005_Christopher Smith
Meshuggah Bagels | Kansas City Meshuggah Bagels 015_Christopher Smith
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Growing up in a Jewish family in the New York area, bagels were a part of Pete’s daily life until he moved to Kansas City in 1997. “I lived for years carrying [bagels] back in suitcases,” he says. “The research really began when I met Janna in 2011.” They spent years doing serious product development in their home kitchen – and gained a few extra pounds from eating test bagels – before they hit upon the perfect recipe for an authentic Jewish bagel that resembled the ones Pete remembered enjoying in New York.

Meshuggah will keep its production facility in Pleasant Valley, Missouri, and bring bagels down to the new Westport retail location to bake so that fresh, hot bagels will be available throughout the day. In addition to bagels, the Lindes also serve schmears of cream cheese, a lox plate and whitefish salad. Coffee and juices are available, as well. Hours for the retail location are 6am to 2pm daily.

Written by Jenny Vergara. Photography by Christopher Smith. This article appears courtesy of Feast Magazine. Feast Magazine is dedicated to broadening the conversation about food and engaging a large, hungry audience of food lovers.

Meshuggah Bagels, 1208 W. 39th St., Westport, Kansas City, 816.330.6016, meshuggahbagels.com

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