Missouri Golf Course Trend: Long is Wrong

Golf course operators in Missouri are taking steps to make golf courses easier and more economical to operate.

Tanglewood Golf Course in
Tanglewood Golf Course in Fulton.

Within the last 20 years, golf course design emphasized long, challenging courses with penalizing bunkers and undulating greens. Driven by the desire to attract golf course homeowners and sell them fabulous lots, many developers and owners hired famous architects to build the most esthetically pleasing  and challenging courses money could buy.

The result was courses with high slope ratings and long yardages. With longer and more challenging courses came more bunkers, more grass to maintain, and higher agronomy budgets overall.

Eagle Knoll Golf Club in Hartsburg.
Eagle Knoll Golf Club in Hartsburg, hole 10.

Missouri course operators are reversing that trend. Operators at wonderful public golf courses such as Eagle Knoll Golf Club in Hartsburg and Tanglewood Golf Course in Fulton have recently renovated their courses to remove or improve bunkers and tees to decrease maintenance and reduce the time necessary to play a round of golf.

Eagle Knoll in Hartsburg Hole 12
Eagle Knoll Golf Club, hole 12.

The results for each course are improved features that require less maintenance.

Take heart golfers, Missouri course operators are recognizing the need for faster play and less-challenging courses. If you have not played a Missouri golf course recently, I encourage you to stop by and discuss your thoughts with a local course operator.

Chances are you will find that course has new programs in place to encourage your participation. Chances are, the course has taken steps to improve your overall experience through course-conditioning efforts like those discussed above.

In general, Missouri golf course operators are encouraging play and discouraging disappointment. So come, play golf in Missouri!

Written by M. Todd Miller, for the Missouri Golf Council.

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