Spring in the Step

Ok, so, after a few days on the couch watching the NCAA Tournament, who isn’t in the mood to play some hoops?

I certainly was on Sunday and found a few like-minded souls. After nearly two hours of running, jumping and shooting (poorly, I might add), I was exhausted. Although my joints hurt and my legs were about as sturdy as a bowl of lime-flavored Jell-O, I felt pretty good about actually getting up and doing something for once.

Since Spring officially is here (though folks who got snow over the weekend don’t believe it) it’s a great time to make more plans that involve getting up and getting active. Want to take a ride down the Katy Trail? Great. Want to take a hike around Mark Twain State Park? Don’t forget your comfy boots.

Whatever your plans are this spring and summer, be sure to include a trip to Missouri. If you live here, take time to explore a part of the Show-Me State you haven’t seen before (or enjoyed so much, you want to go back).

Even if you’re not into exploring nature, take in one of our state’s great art museums or performance venues or go to a ball game in one of our large metro areas.

Missouri is a wonderful place to live and it makes for a great vacation destination. Best of all, you won’t have to take Advil and ice down your knees after a visit.

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