Missouri Predictions for 2014

As the New Year begins, people generally plan to make major lifestyle changes, whether it’s a diet, getting “organized” (whatever that means), or making sure to call Mom every Sunday night.

No one knows if we’ll actually lose those extra pounds (probably not), get our homes cleaned up (dust bunnies make wonderful pets) or call Mom (do I really have to explain what “a Facebook” is again?).

But here at VisitMO, we’re not afraid to gaze into the future to predict what lies ahead for the Show-Me State. With that, here are five Missouri-focused predictions we’re pretty sure you can bank on in 2014.

5. Missourians will cheer for the home team

Busch StatdiumMissouri’s teams had a pretty nice run in 2013 and fans look (and hope) for more of the same in 2014. Professionally, the Kansas City Chiefs, St. Louis Cardinals and St. Louis Blues all qualified for post-season play. The University of Missouri’s volleyball team claimed the SEC crown while the football team won the SEC’s eastern division and played for the conference title. Saint Louis University had a great season on the hardwood and won a game in the NCAA tourney, while NASCAR drivers Carl Edwards (Columbia) and Jamie McMurray (Joplin) each won races in 2013.

4. Your diet won’t affect the delicious taste of Missouri barbecue

Whether you stick to your New Year’s diet is up to you, but we won’t judge if you give in once or twice (or 365 times) to barbecue in Missouri. All the popular spots in Kansas City (Gates, Arthur Bryant’s, Jack Stack) and St. Louis (Pappy’s, PM Barbecue, Bogart’s) continue to serve up world-class food. Don’t miss off-the-beaten-path stops such as Rusty Jug in El Dorado Springs, Lonnie Ray’s in Harrisburg and Raspberry’s in Macon. If you happen to be in Dexter, stroll down Business Highway 60 for a trinity of barbecue greatness at The Hickory Log, Dexter Bar-B-Que and Dexter Queen.

3. Across Missouri, waterways will host boaters, kayakers and anglers

canoe girlsMissouri’s lake destinations (including Lake of the Ozarks, Table Rock Lake and Lake Wappapello) offer a variety of recreational opportunities for fun-in-the-sun seekers. Rivers and streams ideal for floating (Eleven Point River, Meramec River, Current River, Elk River, to name just a few) provide a peaceful retreat and another reason to turn off your mobile device. You can fish for everything from rainbow trout to catfish so big they’ll make all your tales sound like fish stories.

2. Summer will be amazing … and it can’t get here fast enough

Some day in July, when it’s 110 outside and the humidity is high, think back to a chilly morning in 2013 when you had to use your ice scraper. Remember how you couldn’t wait for summer that morning? So, when summer gets here, think back to that day and bite your tongue before you complain about the heat.

1. Missouri will continue to be awesome

Great art, history and cultural museums and institutions; lots of spots for family fun; plenty of great sports and gaming action; countless opportunities to explore the outdoors – and again revel in Missouri’s status as the Best Trails State in the U.S.; and so much nightlife and live entertainment you’ll need to buy stock in energy drinks: it all helps ensure Missouri’s awesomeness in 2014.

While they’re anything but fearless, those are five predictions on which you can count.

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