6 Reasons to Visit MO Wine Country in the Winter

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During the winter months, grape vines are resting, wines are aging and there’s a slower pace in general at the wineries. It’s a perfect time for learning more about Missouri varietals, touring cellars or just relaxing. If you think of the winter as the “off” season in Show Me wine country, here are six reasons to change your mind.

Less crowds means more attention.


While there are a few wineries that close during the winter, many of the 130+ wineries in the state are open and ready to serve. When you’re not slogging through a crowd, there’s more time to chat to the winery staff, perhaps even the winemaker. Take a tour of the cellars or just sit back and relax with your new favorite wine.

Seasonal wines are waiting to be discovered.

Seasonal wines and wine cocktails abound this time of year, everything from mulled wine, to cranberry wine, and much more.

It’s a great time to stock up.

Not only do you skip the crowds at the tasting bar, but also at the cash register. It’s a great time to stock up on your favorite wines for the year. Or perhaps replenish what was depleted during the holidays.

January is Norton Month.


Norton is the Missouri state grape and it’s celebrated at wineries across the state during the month of January with special tastings, events and wine releases. If you’re a Norton fan, January is a great time to get out to wine country.

Seasonal fare and the wines that pair.

There are a number of wineries with restaurants and winter is a great time to try seasonal favorites paired perfectly with local wines. Chilies, stews, winter vegetables are just some of the foods you’ll find at wineries this time of year.

Red wine is perfect for chilly days.


There’s not much that could be better than sipping on a big, bold glass of red wine on a chilly day… so warming and comforting!

These are just some of the great reasons to venture out to Missouri wine country this winter. Bundle up and head out for your next vino adventure in the Show Me state!

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