My Family Needs a Girl’s Weekend

Weston Red Barn Farm is a great end-of-summer and early fall shopping option.
Weston Red Barn Farm is a great end-of-summer and early fall shopping option.

“Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.” – Seneca

I can tell it’s getting close, and boy, am I ready. Coming up in a few weeks, I will join three cherished girlfriends on a long-awaited getaway weekend in Weston, Missouri. My Pinterest board is already underway – partially to get organized, but mostly because it just makes me smile.

I am blessed to have a wonderful spouse and two amazing children. Of course I’ll miss them. But in truth, this weekend is for them as much as for me.

I am a better wife, mom and employee when I can get away. When I can relax. When I can step away from my office, my minivan, and my kitchen sink for a couple of days to enjoy friendship, laughter, and meals without ketchup.

Weston is a great place for a girlfriends getaway.
Weston is a great place for a girlfriends getaway.

We have plans to stay at the Murphy House Bed and Breakfast (my favorite kind of lodging), and have several restaurants in mind. From the list of dining locations found at, it will be tough to make a final choice. We have discussed a visit to Weston’s Red Barn Farm, where the fall festival season will just be starting and the country store is open.

We’ll shop in Weston’s historic downtown, browsing boutiques and seeking out a tucked-away corner for coffee and chats. A visit to Weston Bend State Park promises beautiful outdoor hiking or an inviting picnic location.

On one hand, I don’t care where we go. We have joked that it’s alright with us to sit in a room and stare at the wall for two days … as fellow moms, we just need the break. Luckily for us, we’re in Missouri, where there are so many ways to relax and unwind that are much more interesting than the proposed wall-staring contest.

Sadly, a girl’s getaway can be hard to come by. According to a post on The Gutsy Traveler, 24 percent of American women have taken advantage of a getaway in the last three years, and 39 percent have plans to do so in the next three years. (Source: AAA Girlfriend Travel Research Project)

However, the importance of a break from your day-to-day routine should not be overlooked. Will I have a pang of guilt as I leave my husband a grocery list and send the kids to school Friday morning? Sure. Still, when I return, I will have a deeper appreciation for the blessings in my life and enjoy an improved perspective on my world. I will be stronger and better-equipped to face the to-do lists.

If you are outside the 39 percent planning a trip with your friends in the near future, I encourage you to adjust your plans. Create the opportunity for a change of place and some time with friends. Your family will appreciate the wife and mommy that returns more relaxed and happy.

Truthfully, I think my children enjoy a short break, too.  The menu tends to move favorably in their direction when Daddy is the head chef.

Laura Holloway is a full-time working mom who enjoys seeking out the treasures of Missouri travel with, and without, her family.

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