Next Time You Go Camping, Take a Picture

The-Dyrt-Start-DiscoveringThe next time you go camping, take a picture. Take a lot, actually – they could prove useful to fellow campers.

The Dyrt will be the first campground app and website built from user-generated content, showing campsites from a ground-level view.

A simple version of The Dyrt website launched in June, and users are encouraged to send in “documentation” of campsites: reviews, photos, and videos.

So far, more than two dozen campsites from 13 different states have been documented, keeping The Dyrt on track to reach its end-of-summer goal: one campsite documented from each of the 50 states.

Currently, The Dyrt is promoting a $1,000 REI Gift Card give away to encourage campers to document campsites around the U.S.

Visit for more details.

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