PictureMO: A Salute to Snow

The 2014 first quarter PictureMO votes are in, and yet again, many exceptional, camera-savvy Missourians have submitted quality images to our quarterly Flickr contest.

What is PictureMO, you ask? The PictureMO Flickr group began in early 2013 as a way to show off the photography geniuses of Missouri and to build the Missouri Division of Tourism’s photo gallery. First through third place winners are announced quarterly and winning photos may be published in the 2015 Official Missouri Travel Guide and may appear on other MDT marketing materials.

This last quarter’s weather in Missouri was exceptionally frigid, which makes getting out to take photos extra challenging. So, a big high-five goes to all you shutterbugs that braved our “arctic vortex” of a winter and still captured some fascinating, winter-in-Missouri themed photos!

Without further ado, here are the 2014 Quarter One PictureMO winners:

3rd Place: Sean Terry – “That Turkey is Not Going to Win”

"That Turkey is Not Going to Win" by Sean Terry
“That Turkey is Not Going to Win” by Sean Terry

I made this photograph on the outskirts of Independence. What I like most about the photo is the fact that it actually looks like they are in a foot race.

I started making photographs in Missouri at the age of 6. I still have the prints I took in 1975 at Silver Dollar City. I love the endless opportunities to capture the beauty of this state and its people. I look forward to the spring and the new possibilities to capture more of Missouri’s wonders!” -Sean, from Blue Springs.

2nd Place: Brian Devero– “Fountain of Ice”

"Fountain of Ice" by Brian Devero.
“Fountain of Ice” by Brian Devero.

This photo was taken at the Northland Fountain in Kansas City. I like the added red color in the ice that was a result of dye that was used in the fountain water before it froze. It added a bit of contrast to the blue sky and ice. I almost didn’t get this photo because I was rushing to catch the sunset. I turned out to be a few minutes later than I had hoped but was still able to capture a few good images. Living in Missouri affords me the opportunity to photograph a wide variety of subjects and locations.” -Brian, from Grandview.

1st Place: Vicky Roberts– “Winter Wonderland”

Winter Wonderland by Vicky Roberts
“Winter Wonderland” by Vicky Roberts

This photo was taken at Pinnacles Youth Park north of Columbia. This photo shows the peace and tranquility of Mother Nature in the winter wonderland. Pinnacles Youth Park is a great place to hike and share photos that you capture of the beautiful surroundings.”- Vicky, from Columbia.

Thank you to all who participated in last quarter’s contest. Second quarter’s theme is “Enjoy the Arts.” PictureMO group members are encouraged to submit their photos of museums, art, and historical sites. Have fun with this guys! Can’t wait to see what this beautiful spring has in store for Missouri.

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