Poet, Painter, Sculptor, Scribe: Artists Intertwine Disparate Skills

Donkey n friends by Aaron Horrell
Donkey n friends by Aaron Horrell

Michelangelo painted frescoes and carved statues. Miles Davis blew the trumpet and designed album covers. J.R.R. Tolkien wrote novels and drew hundreds of scenes and maps to illustrate the worlds he chronicled. In Missouri today, there are many artists whose creativity likewise flows through more than one channel—or as Peggy Wyman puts it, “have more than one arrow in their quiver.”

Peggy’s arrows are writing fiction and making fiber sculpture. She has published two novels and creates intricate artworks from long leaf pine needles. She is not only a member of the statewide nonprofit Missouri Artisans Association—known as The Best of Missouri Hands—but is a juried member, having been reviewed by an independent panel for the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. The Best of Missouri Hands helped us find Peggy and five other juried members from around the state who excel professionally in different media. We talked with them about how they have developed their multiple talents and woven their art into the skein of their lives.

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Written by Barbara MacRobie, public information coordinator for the Missouri Arts Council.

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