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1) What Missouri city hosted an on-location shoot for the recent movie hit “Gone Girl” written by Show-Me State native Gillian Flynn?
2) Laura Engalls Wilder’s “The Little House on the Prairie” series of books documented her childhood in four Midwestern states. Where was she living when she wrote the books?
3) Poet T.S. Eliot (a Missouri native) wrote a short story entitled “The Man Who Was King,” which was inspired by what event?
4) Missouri author Samuel Clemens took on the pen name Mark Twain because of his experience in what line of work?
5) New York Times best-selling author and Independence resident Jim Butcher created a character named Harry Dresden who spent his formative years in the Missouri Ozarks and went on to be featured in a 2007 television series on the Sci-Fi Channel. What is that character’s profession?
6) In addition to Butcher, Missouri can claim what other science fiction/fantasy author?
7) What 1990s movie about the American Civil War was filmed and set in Missouri.
8) Which movie was NOT filmed/partially filmed in Missouri?
9) Which writer has a star on the St. Louis Walk of Fame?
10) Who ya gonna call? How about a Ghostbuster with a Missouri connection?
11) Director and native Missourian, Robert Altman, used some of the best living jazz musicians to play period material in the style of local jazz greats of the 30s in which film?
12) Most people know that Marceline, Missouri, was Walt Disney’s inspiration for Disneyland’s Main Street and was the model for the town used in Lady and the Tramp. But what was the name of his first studio?

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Leaderboard for Missouri Film Office Quiz

1. Michael-24 Points
2. -20 Points
3. Patty-17 Points
4. Liz-17 Points
5. -17 Points


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