Ralls County has a Worldly History

St. Paul Catholic Church
St. Paul Catholic Church is one of eight National Historic Register properties in Ralls County.

Ralls County is rich in history.

Illasco Memorial
Illasco Immigrants Memorial

Not far from Hannibal and Mark Twain Lake, the area was settled in 1821 by immigrants from many countries, including Italy, Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine, and Croatia, to name a few.

People flocked to the area after Atlas Portland Cement was built and started recruiting European immigrants to work in the plant. Today, the area commemorates its ancestral heritage with the Avenue of Flags, which is part of the Ilasco Immigrants Memorial.

The flags represent all of the countries that played a part in settling the area. The memorial is a great experience if you are interested in history, or you’re on a quest to find more about ancestors who may have lived in the area.

Another gem of historic interest in Ralls County is the historic St. Peter Church. The church is significant because it was here Father Augustus Tolton was baptized. Years later, he became the first African-American Catholic priest in the U.S.

While keeping tabs on all this history, the Ralls County Historical Society in Perry also dedicates time and efforts into genealogy research. The society has an immense database visitors can access, allowing them a deeper look into their family history.

Also in Perry, the Ralls County Historical Museum, which the Historical Society operates, offers artifacts, articles, books, and much more for visitors to explore. With the museum and genealogy research, the society is making sure the history and heritage of the area are preserved for generations to come.

Strolling around Perry, you find many antique shops, dining establishments, and hometown businesses line the downtown district – making it a great day-trip destination.

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