Santa Claus, Veterans, and plenty of Thanksgiving

Here in Branson, we’re hearing Jingle Bells and enjoying the twinkling Christmas lights all over town.  Actually that’s been going on for a while now, as the Branson area officially launches the Ozark Mountain Christmas season on Nov. 1 each year. As our friend Andy Williams sings, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” In many ways I agree.  Christmas carols and joyful sounds of merriment always seem to add an extra bounce to my mood; full confession … Merry is my last name.

A scene from the Hughes Brothers Christmas Show.

And I love family and gift-giving and Christmas decorations.  Plus it’s easy to get the family to come visit when we live in what might be called America’s Favorite Playground. From watching amazing

Jim Stafford chats with Santa.

productions like the Hughes Brothers Christmas Show where the birth of Jesus is joyfully celebrated to laughing along with Jim Stafford as he puts the ho! ho! ho! into Christmas, we’re having fun together.

That’s probably one of my most favorite things about Branson … the way we get to play together.

During Ozark Mountain Christmas, we’re also celebrating Veterans Homecoming Week.  Every year, from Nov. 5 -11, there are official ceremonies, special shows, parades, and more honoring our veterans.

Although we say thanks to our veterans throughout the year, this one week is an opportunity to bring tens of thousands of veterans and their families into town for these special events. And while celebrating their service, to say “Thank You.”

Even Santa (and his helpers) vacation in Branson.

This leads me to Thanksgiving.  It’s probably the biggest holiday weekend Branson has.  Even the Acrobats of China celebrate that day with a special Chinese feast, plus a few turkeys. And it’s one of my favorite holidays (alright I like ‘em all). And speaking of Thanksgiving, I’m giving thanks for the blessings of living in a special place like Branson and having family, freedom, and fun!

Written by Cindy Merry of Cindy Merry Marketing, Reeds Spring.

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