Show-Me Five: Hot Chocolates

Braving Missouri’s wintertime cold and snow are the perfect excuse to reward yourself with a steaming cup of hot chocolate.  No, I’m not talking about ripping open a paper packet and adding hot water (although, in a pinch, it will suffice).  Envision a delicious amalgamation of high-quality chocolate and hot, creamy milk; it’s the perfect winter treat to warm you from head to toe and Missouri has an appealing variety to choose from.

Sugarbot Sweet Shop – St. Charles: Located on historic Main Street, their gourmet hot chocolate is made with whole milk and dark-chocolate ganache and topped with homemade, seasonal marshmallows.  Pairs perfectly with a made-from-scratch confection of your choice.

 Three Story Coffee – Jefferson City: Locally owned and operated, and not only a direct-trade coffee roaster with a passion for supporting small coffee farmers, they make a killer hot chocolate with Askinosie cocoa powder from Askinosie Chocolate in Springfield, Mo.

Mudhouse Coffee – Springfield: On your way to the newly opened Wonders of Wildlife, grab a sinfully rich “Mudturtle” hot chocolate.  Melted gourmet chocolate is mixed with real caramel and topped with whipped cream to create a cup of decadence to wrap your hands around.

Bizz & Weezy – Kansas City: Try the drinking caramels for something a little different.  In the same vein as drinking chocolates, drinking caramels are a relatively new phenomenon.  Compared to hot chocolate, they are thicker in texture and body, and deliver a more intense flavor.

Barista’s Coffee Bar – Cape Girardeau: Sometimes something a little stronger is required to banish the winter blues. Located in Cape Girardeau’s historic Marquette Tower, visit on Bloody Mary Sundays and choose from a variety of coffee and hot chocolate cocktails, including the Chocolate Kiss (the “Kiss” is Kahlua).

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