Show-Me Scary: Northeast Missouri

Searching for haunted places in Northeast Missouri? You’re in luck. Here are a few spooky locations where you can scare yourself silly. Hannibal, St. Louis and St. Charles are home to many ghost stories, tragic tales and perhaps spirits themselves. This guide gives you a breakdown of destinations that will make your hair stand on end. Feel free to visit … but remember, you have been warned!

Hannibal FAM Intern 2015-18

Haunted Hannibal has a lot to offer for those enthused by the supernatural. Hannibal has been the scene of some spooky incidents like the three children that went missing in the caves under the town. It’s said one of their spirits still hangs out around Hannibal. You can go by the former church where an organ can still be heard playing and visit the grounds where the infamous Stillwell Murder occurred. Hear about all of these stories on the Haunted Hannibal Ghost Tour. A very personable guide explains these reportedly haunted places in Hannibal while you ride on a trolley through town. The Stillwell Murder, the case of three missing boys in the cave systems, or the “visited” Garden House Bed and Breakfast are just a few of the many eerie tales. Then perhaps if you’re feeling brave you could stay in the Garden House Bed and Breakfast where ghost encounters are a common occurrence.


The Lemp Mansion in St. Louis is said to be one of the Top 10 Scariest Places in the world (courtesy of CNN). Starting off as successful brewery owners, the Lemp family’s fortune quickly fell to tragedy. This mansion was the site of three suicides by Lemp family members. Feeling brave? You can spend the night there and maybe you’ll experience one (or a few) of the house’s ghosts. One courageous participant said she felt the old family dog nestle up on top of her bed. If you’re not ready for a whole night with the Lemps, take the Haunted Ghost Tour with Betsy Belanger.  The tour includes history, ghost stories and a chance to experience the spirits that roam the halls of the Lemp Mansion.

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The St. Charles Ghost Tour is another spooky way to explore Northeast Missouri. These tours venture through graveyards, Historic Main Street, and history. Mysterious shadows and lights have been seen, ghostly odors have been smelled and unexplained noises have been heard on this tour. Perhaps you, too, could come across the spirits in the Tricot House or have a run in with the woman in white; so-named because she was buried in her wedding dress.

It’s not often you hear about a big city’s downtown area, the scene of so much daily activity, as being haunted. On the Riordan Haunted Tours of St. Louis, however, you can experience just how haunted St. Louis is. Local expert David Riordan gives ghostly history lessons while leading you around downtown St. Louis. Stops you might take include breweries, monuments, restaurants and other destinations that many native St. Louisans don’t know about. You could hear about how St. Louis was home to the most famous exorcism ever (the event that inspired the book and film “The Exorcist”) or how Bloody Island got its name.

Though the owner won’t tell you it’s haunted, Rockcliffe Mansion sure does give off that eerie “I’m-not-here-alone” feeling! Rockcliffe Mansion stands prominently on a limestone bluff, looking out over the Mississippi River and town of Hannibal. This Georgian Revival styled mansion was built by John Cruikshank, a lumber baron, in 1900 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  In 1924, after Cruikshank’s death, the beautiful home sat vacant. For 43 years the mansion fell into disrepair and became a frequent victim of vandalism and theft. Local ghost stories about the mansion prompted children to test their courage by entering the house and taking a piece of the map that was hung on the third floor of the house. In the late 1960s, the home was a week away from being demolished when it was bought and renovated. Now, as a bed-and-breakfast, you can tour the house and stay the night … if you’re brave enough.

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Written by Hannah Domino, communications intern for the Missouri Division of Tourism.

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