Show Off the Show-Me Wine Country This Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us. In addition to shopping for gifts and planning for feasts, are you wondering how to entertain your loved ones when they visit? Missouri wine country is the answer. There are more than 125 wineries in the Show-Me State, each offering a unique and exciting experience. Wine country is the perfect place to take your family and friends during their holiday stay.

Little Hills Restaurant & Winery, St. Charles

There are breathtaking views (and even some hiking trails) for the nature lovers; gourmet restaurants for the foodies; live music; great shopping; and many other attractions. Missouri’s wineries produce a variety of grape and fruit wines ranging in style, sweetness and varietal. There truly is something for everyone!

It’s always fun to share your favorite winery with your loved ones, but consider branching out and visiting a winery where you’ve never been It’s always fun to discover something new and different with your family and friends. Create new, distinctive memories together. It’s a great opportunity to find wines you like to add to your holiday meals together.

To plan your trip to wine country, find more than 110 listings on VisitMO’s winery page, and visit the Missouri Wine and Grape Board’s website. Wherever you are in Missouri, there is a winery close by.

Missouri wine pairs well with the important people in your life.

Written by Christa Holtzclaw from the Missouri Wine and Grape Board.

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