Cool Off this Summer on Six Flags St. Louis’ New Ride

It’s going to be hot this summer. You can bet on that. You’re gonna want to get wet and cool down. You can bet on that, too. Well, guess what? Six Flags St. Louis is opening a new water ride this summer (2014 Memorial Day Weekend) and it’ll get you head-to-toe soaked.

SFSL Tsunami Soaker Closeup

It’s the Tsunami Soaker. It’s a slow spinning water ride (think of it as a slower Shazam! on water) equipped with water cannons both on the inside of the ride – the boats – AND the outside perimeter. Not only can the other riders crank the cannons to shoot water at you, but the oh-so seemingly innocent bystanders on the outside of the ride can too.

I walked onto the ride with many other kids and teens anxious to get me wet and have me “in their boat” and “on their team.” I got the chance to sit next to former U.S. Olympic Swimmer, Davis Tarwater. Watch my video below.

These other kids on the ride were already self-taught experts. They had been on the ride several times already. They were prepared. Focused. Determined.

Boy, did they get me head-to-toe soaked.

The ride lasts around five minutes. During that time, water is shooting from your left and right, from above, from behind… and you’re getting drenched. It’s the perfect way to cool down on a hot summer day. I know you and your family will enjoy it.

Six Flags St. Louis Tsunami Soaker Selfie Pelican

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