St. Louis Rolls Out the Red Carpet

Last week, all my dreams came true when “The Other Guys” brought the “other” movie premiere to the Chesterfield Galaxy 14 Cinema in St. Louis.

In the days leading up to the premiere, I spent each morning trying to win tickets on the radio, only to wake up on Thursday (premiere day) defeated and, quite frankly, bummed out.  I thought I had lost all hope of attending an event that would surely be the high point of my life thus far – until the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Facebook page popped up on my news feed. Long story short, I ended up being one of four Facebook winners of two passes to the night’s premiere.

To start, my experience was much less than I expect a big Hollywood movie premiere to be. Casual dress, low security, radio stations parked everywhere and a big-box retailer next to the movie theatre. That point made, it was also everything I hoped a St. Louis movie premiere would be.

I picked up my passes from the VIP table, met my date around 6 p.m. and walked right past the growing crowd of onlookers into the air-conditioned theatre. Standing outside to wait for the stars to arrive wasn’t even really considered by that point; folks had been lining up since 4 p.m. and the good ol’ Missouri heat was just not giving up.

Let’s be honest, though, had I not been at work all day I would have been one of those waiting in line. But, being as this was the case, my date and I decided to go get good seats in the theatre. Now, ‘good seats’ when seeing a regular movie means upper middle. ‘Good seats’ at this premier meant front row center because both Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg were scheduled to come into the theatre to speak before the movie started.

We waited patiently for two hours before our stars sauntered into the theatre to say hello and answer questions. Long wait, yes, but then I should have guessed the movie would not be starting on time; after all, Hollywood is Hollywood, even in the STL.

Everyone waved like goofballs when Will and Mark walked in, but I must have stood out as the biggest goof of them all because I got direct eye contact and a good, solid wave from each of the stars (Mission: accomplished). I wasn’t picked to be one of the fans in the theatre to ask a question of Will, but I did get to stare intently at him and Marky Mark from 15 feet away. Unfortunately, they were close enough for me to run up and touch, but not far enough from the police officers waiting with Tasers nearby.

I, like many of the premiere goers that night, may not have been lucky enough to get a picture or autograph from either of the film’s stars, but just being part of the premiere was enough, and it is something I can always use to brag around town. It’s not everyday that St. Louis gets to experience a movie premiere with stars as big as Will and Mark and, in my opinion, we did it up right.

And what of the movie, you ask? If there is one thing I can always count on, it is that Will Ferrell will make me laugh. This fan highly recommends “The Other Guys” for weekend movie going.

Written by Michelle Boschen for the Missouri Division of Tourism.

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